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Shearling Leather Jacket

As the name suggests , shearling leather jackets are made of sheepskin that are shorn recently.  They are also known as sheepskin leather jacket. Hence they are considered to be valuable and are costly among the rest.
Shearling jackets are an excellent warming gear. Inner surface of the jacket is shearling and outer is sheepskin. Synthetic shearling jackets are also available but original has its own appeal. Original shearling bomber jackets have a rugged feel to it's outside surface meanwhile synthetic jackets are very smooth and shiny to the outside.
Shearling jackets became popular in WW2 when pilots needed enough warmth in high altitudes.. This innovation in jackets and the raw material both made these jackets very popular among the public later on .
Leather Jacket come in very handy as they not only provide warmth but they are very classic and fashionable as well.
At Sheepskin leathers we provide with a wide range of shearling jacket. We have vast variety and also a range of colors to your desire.
Our designs are distinct and our professional team of manufacturers make it their goal to provide you with the best experience to give a boost to your personality.
There are numerous colors which we offer including everyone's favourite black, various shades of brown, yellow, pink, grey and orange.
Also there are distinct designs to choose from.
Our team makes sure to provide you with excellent experience , quality and confidence.

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