Collection: Women Sheepskin Shearling Jacket

Women Sheepskin Shearling Jacket

Women Shearling jacket:
There is wide range of shearling jackets in store for women & men. We have wide range of exquisite colors including red, maroon, black, brown , grey and yellow. All the colors that you want can be blended in at Sheepskin leathers.
Women sheepskin Shearling jackets are made of freshly shorn sheep. The outer of the leather jacket is shearling and inner is sheepskin. These women shearling jackets are highly beneficial in winters where they keep you warm and cozy. If warm and cozy comes with fashion , what's more can one desire.
We have what you need. Warm and yet very eloquent and quintessential designs for you to wear.
As you know sheepskin jackets are made of mature sheep's hide. Sheepskin leather jackets are also known as shearling jackets. But the difference is only in the animal used in both the types.
Sheepskin jackets are highly warm and comfortable to wear in winters.
Beginning in victorian era , these leather jackets have been adapted vastly and now we have the latest designs for you. These jackets are in style. And in style is what you need. We have various colors to cater to our audience including black, brown, red and grey.
We also offer variety of designs and help our customers to get what they need
Come and get what you want!