Collection: Suzuki Leather Suits

Suzuki Leather Suits



Suzuki leather suits are high-performance motorcycle racing suits designed for riders who want optimal protection and style.


Suzuki leather suits are typically made from high-quality cowhide leather. Cowhide leather is known for its durability and abrasion resistance, which are crucial features for motorcycle racing suits to provide maximum protection in case of accidents or falls.


Suzuki leather suits are specifically designed for racing purposes, and they often feature aerodynamic designs to minimize wind resistance and enhance rider performance on the track. These suits have pre-curved sleeves and knees for a comfortable riding position and ease of movement.

Armor and protection:

Suzuki leather suits incorporate various safety features to protect the rider. They typically have built-in armor or padding in critical areas such as the shoulders, elbows, and knees to absorb impact and reduce the risk of injury. Additionally, some suits may have external sliders on the shoulders or knees to aid in sliding during a fall.


Motorcycle racing can be physically demanding, and riders can get hot and sweaty inside their suits. To address this, Suzuki leather suits often include strategically placed perforations or ventilation panels that allow airflow to keep the rider cool and comfortable during intense riding sessions.

Closure system:

Leather suits usually feature a secure closure system to ensure a snug fit. This can include a combination of zippers, Velcro straps, and snap buttons to keep the suit in place and prevent it from coming undone while riding.

Branding and aesthetics:

Suzuki suits often feature Suzuki branding, logos, and graphics to showcase the rider's affiliation with the brand. The designs can vary depending on the specific model or collection, and they may incorporate Suzuki's signature colors, such as blue, white, and yellow.